Remember when I used to talk about pinterest all the time? Then I got side tracked and started talking about all sorts of other things like living the dream, moving to South America, and going to Antarctica. And I love all those big things. They are amazing. But I also still love pinterest. And my newest obsession courtesy of pinterest?

Prefab houses.

I know what you’re thinking. You are thinking that I’ve gone off the deep end. But seriously friends, I woke up yesterday morning to this teensy tiny prefab house.

Dwelle-ing by Dwelle

And no kidding, this created a monster. A prefab monster with a gigantic pinboard called “fab prefab”. I just want to buy a lot on the coast, but in a forest, with a mountain view and watch my prefab house go up in a month with its eco-friendly finishes and its ability to get by off the grid. (Ok, only some of these houses are completely off the grid, but still).

I’m obsessed. (Extra obsessed with the Homb and the Preform T House (bonus points for being Vancouver-based). But obsessed with the whole style, nonetheless.

Have you ever discovered something you LOVE, an immediate obsession, that you formerly associated with less-than-classy locales?

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