One Gigantic Broccoli

Last week, the hubs picked up a gigantic broccoli at our local Saturday fruit and veg market.

Apparently, when he asked the woman for a broccoli that was ‘más pequeño’ (smaller) she just smiled at him and shook her head no. He’s got no idea whether something was lost in translation or whether she just thought it was hilarious to send him packing with a gigantic broccoli, but in any event we knew we would be cooking with broccoli. A lot.

Luckily, in a random coincidence that make me smile, that same day this post popped up in my Pinterest. Basically, a gazillion different broccoli recipes for me take some inspiration.

So, our first broccoli dish last week: Broccoli & Cheese Mashed Potatoes (inspired by these Asigao Mashed Potatoes and Broccoli) Make these. They are delicious – and the rave reviews from the hubs and from my mom ensured them a spot in my recipe book for years to come!

Our second broccoli recipe was also seriously awesome. Pasta (any kind, I recommend super fun cellentani/corkscrew pasta) with Broccoli Pesto and Broccoli. This time, inspired from here. This may have been my favourite of all three broccoli dishes. Ever since I first started making homemade pestos about 2 years ago, I just can’t get enough. And this was my first broccoli pesto ever.

Our third, and final broccoli recipe in the week of so much broccoli was a red curry stir fry with black beans, broccoli, summer squash and red pepper. This one was kind of disappointing (the red curry paste we picked up in Chinatown smelled amazing while cooking, but tasted only ok). If you have a red curry paste you love (whether homemade or store bought) this would be awesome.

And there you have it. Our week of broccoli.

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