Browned Butter Pasta

In my quest to become the Richmond food blogger, I’ve become so busy thinking about restaurant reviews that I haven’t posted a recipe post in… well… a long time. And while it is true that eating at this many restaurants means I’m not cooking as much, I’m still cooking a lot, and becoming ever more adaptable to cooking with what is available in Buenos Aires.

Dinner on Monday night was decidedly gourmet, and about half way through cooking it – I realized I was going to be blogging it. This means that I don’t have a lot of prep images (any, in fact), but I do have a handful of images of our delicious browned butter pasta with a red wine-balsamic vinegar reduction accompanied by garlic roasted brussels sprouts in a garlic cream sauce.

As spring approaches for most of my readers, this recipe is going to seem a wee bit out of place. But this week in Buenos Aires it’s been clear… fall is coming. Monday especially was cold and windy and all we felt like having for dinner was comfort food. So pin this recipe or or otherwise save it for later, and then when fall comes… you’ll thank me.

This meal was inspired by: this pin, the fact there were brussels sprouts in the grocery store, the delicious looking fresh pasta in said grocery store, and the fact that I had planned on making a browned butter cauliflower pasta a few weeks ago, but couldn’t find a cauliflower and have been craving browned butter since.

Some days the random stars align to create something delicious.

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