Calligraphic Fonts

Two of my wedding clients last summer had some of the coolest stationary I’ve ever seen. The bride and groom were moving to Paris shortly after the wedding, so they wanted to include some French charm in their decor. The bride designed all the printed material herself (she’s a fashion designer with insane visual design skills).

Of all their gorgeous printed materials, my favourite detail was their seating chart. It used a script font I’d never seen before. This same font also popped up in other places, including on the programs and on the escort cards (first name only).

I learned later from the bride that the font was called Commercial Script.

Since the wedding, I’ve had calligraphic fonts in the back of my mind. I kind of love them. The problem? I don’t know how/where I could use them. They make me want to throw a soiree.

The following image lists some of my favourites. All of these fonts are free for personal use but most of them require a license for commercial use.

AdineKenrberg. Champingnon. Commercial Script. Freebooter Script.
Grand Duchess. Jane Austen. Shipped Goods. Some Weatz.

How do you feel about calligraphic scipt fonts? Do you love them or hate them? Have you got any ideas for a project for me to use them?

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  1. I like the second and third from the top and the second from the bottom. Not so big on the others. Do you mean you have to pay to use the font if you are going to sell your calligraphy? That’s interesting. Calligraphy fonts make things look elegant so I’m a fan of some of them.

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