iguazu fall (travel tuesday) + feedback?

I’m back with Travel Tuesday this week friends! I’ve got so many non-restaurant related posts all bundled up inside me that I’m just about bursting at the seams! So first – thank you – for being patient well I show off my sweet restaurant review skills to Tourism Richmond (hi, guys!) And before I leave you with today’s amazing travel photo – I have a few things to talk about:

  1. Regular readers (mostly RSS feed subscribers) is it annoying you to get all these BA restaurant posts in your RSS feed? I know most of you are located in Canada, the US and Australia, and you might not be interested in Buenos Aires restaurant reviews popping up in your feed readers. Starting tomorrow I’m going to exclude restaurant posts from my RSS feed. Thoughts? Comments? You can still check out what I’m eating by checking out my restaurant category.
  2. For the rest of March and at least the first week of April, I’m going to be doing restaurant reviews on MWF and regular blog posts on TTS. I know Saturdays are a bit of a risky move, but I just have so much to say!

That is all. Any thoughts or comments are appreciated!

Now, on to the travel tuesday goodness! When mom was here visiting in mid-February, I took her up to Iguazu Falls on the border of Argentina and Brazil, in Missiones province.

Iguazu Falls is the most amazing natural wonder I have ever seen, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the most amazing natural wonder in the entire world. Apparantly, when Eleanor Roosevelt laid eyes on Iguazu, she muttered “Poor Niagra”. And this is why.

Click on the image to see it in all of its full sized splendour.

Happy Tuesday friends!

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