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I wrote briefly about Nucha in my 14 Days 14 Cafes post, and there is just something about it that keeps drawing me back. I don’t know if it is the light (it’s super bright in there), the beautiful high ceilings, the turquoise accents, the mid-century modern style pieces, or the mouth-wateringly delicious looking display counter, but I always want to go back.

We’ve recently taken to a 4:30pm pick-me-up. It’s about the time when we are both needing a change of scenery and a caffeine influx, so we’ve been doing a lot of cafes again recently. The timing works well here with the late BA culture, not only does the caffeine help us stay up, but we order a snack, which helps us dine like portenos (i.e., late).


The Armenia branch of Nucha calls you in from the street with its big shiny display of desserts and its high ceilings. It is bright, even on a dreary day, and inviting. We always head to the back, where the sun shines in the big windows.

The Food

We still haven’t tried the weekend afternoon tea (served at 17h), though it looks tasty. Instead, we stick to one cuadrata (square) to share and one coffee per person. The dulce de leche rolo style treats are simply an added bonus. We recently discovered that the cappuccinos at Nucha are awesome. I don’t know if the milk-coffee ratio masks the bitter coffee, if it is the delicious cinnamon that does it, or if we have just become more forgiving after almost three months here, but it is a tasty mid-afternoon treat. We’ve tried the crispy square (give it a miss) and the coffee square (hit it up).

The Bottom Line

Nucha, Armenia 1540 (among others), Palermo Soho, Mon to Sun, 9-21.

Ringing in at around 60 pesos ($15) for the two of us, it isn’t a super cheap mid-afternoon cafe, but it does become our office for three hours, making it a pretty sweet deal! Highly recommended for working. I love it. I will miss it.

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