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Big day today folks: my very first Richmond restaurant review! If you get your last vote in for me today (before 4pm P.S.T) you may guarantee me a spot in the next round. Then, when I win, I’ll take you for a fun lunch, dinner or dim sum on Tourism Richmond!

Last week was a bit chilly and rainy in the lower mainland. The perfect weather for a steamy bowl of the quintessential Vietnamese beef noodle soup: Pho. (Technically pronounced “fuh”, but commonly referred to as “fo”).

Pho Lan

Pho Lan’s been feeding Richmond for about 18 years, and they are always busy. They are clearly doing something right. My husband actually told me about Pho Lan’s delicious pho years and years ago when he was a management consultant working in Richmond and lunching at Pho Lan quite regularly. It just took me until last week to get there!

Pho Lan is all about business. The menus, chilli oil, sriracha, oyster sauce, chopsticks, and spoons all live on the tables. Tea is served immediately upon your arrival. You wave a server over and order by number. You pay the cashier (cash only) on your way out the door.

But sometimes places are all about business for a reason. Here, that reason is because it is busy. And what really matters—the food—is fresh and delicious.

The Food

First up, tea! On a cold and rainy day, that first sip of steaming hot tea warms you from the inside.

We ordered one deep fried spring roll to share. When the hubs suggested this (ordering just one), I looked at him as if he was crazy. That is until the spring roll arrived: it was gigantic. And super hot. And delicious. 1 (huge) deep fried pork & shrimp spring roll sets you back only $2.50.

Then we got our pho. I ordered a small #13 (rare steak & well-done flank) ($6.50) and the husband a medium #7 (Pho Lan special: rare steak, well done flank, tendon, tripe and beef ball) ($7.50). Luckily for me, he shared his beef ball with me. Yummy! The accompanying lime, mint, and bean sprouts were super fresh, the soup was piping hot, the broth flavourful. I’ll be back. FYI – small is the bowl pictured, medicum is a regular sized bowl of pho, and large is gigantic (according to the hubs). Next time, I think I would order a small #10 (rare steak and beef ball, I didn’t love the flank).

The Bottom Line

Pho Lan, 6950 No. 3 Road, Richmond, BC (at Granville Ave), open for lunch and dinner, cash only.

At $18.50 for two people Pho Lan was great value. Service was fine. Food was delicious (and fresh). I will certainly be back!

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