tigre by film (travel tuesday)

Happy Wednesday everybody! Since I missed Travel Tuesday yesterday (in favour of a Richmond restaurant review), I’m going to come at you a day late. The following images of Tigre were taken on my Nikon FM film camera.

Tomorrow I’ll talk more about Richmond, about my disappointment, my teensy tiny bit of relief, and our impromptu dinner party. It’s going to be honest. It might make you cry (it might make me cry). But you, like me, will come to learn that this may have been a blessing in disguise. But for today… Tigre.

Tigre is a short 40 minute train ride from Buenos Aires. And when you step off the train, you feel as though you’ve entered another world. River delta. Gigantic antiques market. Fresh air. Neat cafes. Fruit sellers (both in and out of boats). Delta tours featuring cute homes and docks. A museum that looks as if it belongs in the Loire Valley. And rowing. So much rowing, that the hubs said (more than once) that Tigre reminded him of Boston. If you’ve got a spare day in Buenos Aires, I highly recommend a trip up to the delta. If you’ve got a spare couple of days—rent a cottage and stay for awhile!

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