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One of my most popular instagrams is of my brand-spanking new chalkboard wall. And I’m kind of obsessed with it.

I’ve wanted a chalkboard wall since … well since I got pinterest in early 2011. Maybe even earlier. But seriously, these little guys are so useful. Shopping lists. Meal planning. A clock. Motivational quotes. I’m loving it.

And, it was pretty easy and didn’t take that long. About three hours one morning and then waiting time for it to cure.

It all started with chalkboard paint from Home Depot.

Then early morning pulling of fridge from fridge-spot was accomplished on my own, and after a sand, a wash and a dry of the wall I was ready to go! (Note, I had actually filled all the holes on the wall about a month before I started this project. That’s how I roll).

I don’t have any images of the painting part (because I was busy painting, yo). But this is how cool it was looking right after coat number 2.

And after I pushed back the fridge (and tidied up a bit).

And after we got down to some artistic business (three excruciatingly long days later, as per instructions on the can).

Super cool right? I’m loving it! The only two tips I have are: 1) buy the kind of roller recommended on the can—one of my best friends needed about 5 coats for her chalkboard wall because she used the wrong roller, whereas I just barely needed 2; and 2) buy a good quality angled brush for cutting in. We were speed demon cutters, without tape, and with a cleaner edge. YHL has a ton of great info on how to paint.

Now, off I go to write on my new chalkboard.

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  1. I LOVE this! Pinterest inspired the same thought in me — but sadly we’ll have to wait a while as we won’t be able to do it in our apartment.

    You might just have the coolest apartment.

    1. I was pretty pumped we were able to do it, notwithstanding that we are in a rental! I think partly because it is a personal landlord instead of a big business, he’s a bit more flexible. I love it so, so, so much and use it every single day.


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