I just realized that I’ve been keeping a secret from you all. And it’s kind of important.

It’s my very favourite bruschetta.

I could have sworn that I’ve posted about it before, but I searched (internally) and I searched (on Google) and I couldn’t find it. If indeed I’ve shared this before, I don’t really apologize. Because this is Sunday lunch at Casa Suter pretty much every week from when the tomatoes get good until the tomatoes get bad again. (I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned before, but I really really really hate mealy tomatoes.)

On Saturday I popped into Whole Foods in search of a mango. Usually I don’t go into Whole Foods—I’m on a budget, yo. That being said, I was on a mango hunt, and Whole Foods was on my way home. Now, they failed in the mango department… but these cherry tomatoes for $6 for two pints caught my eye (unfortunately, not local, they are from California).

And immediately all I could think was “It’s bruschetta season!!”

Look at the colours!

The best thing about bruschetta? It only takes four ingredients (six if you count salt and pepper). And a little bit of chopping time. And a little bit of melding time.

And it is delicious. And will make your entire home smell like (I presume) Italy.

And served with a baguette, some cheese and pate you’ve got yourself a perfect Mediterranean lunch. A lunch that can be enjoyed week after week after week (or day after day after day) in the late summer.

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