butternut squash + black bean pasta

I have a confession to make. I’ve never cooked dried beans before. Cans are just so easy. And generic brand black beans only set me back something like $1.09 a can. Sure that is way more than their dried friends, but protein for two for $1.09… I’m not complaining. Almost. Every time I use a can of beans I cringe. Not only am I clogging our arteries with the added sodium, but I’m really not helping out the environment that much either.

But on Saturday, all this was about to change. At the St. Lawrence Market I was inspired. (Likely source of inspiration: the macarons). In all seriousness, I don’t know what happened. I saw some tasty looking black beans at Rube’s, and with a hop in my step little-plastic-bag-filling, I bought them. And today, I cooked them.

Never. Going. Back…

BlackBeanSqusah 002

Ever. They taste like fresh little morsels of heaven.

Although, they were a little labour intensive. After cleaning my beans I soaked them for 10 hours at room temperature. Then I boiled them for an hour and a half. Next time, I’ll make more than one meal’s worth of beans at once and freeze them (duh).

While all this bean cooking was going on, I was preparing one of my Mom’s (via Canadian Living) tasty recipes: Penne with Squash and (you guessed it) Black Beans.

I love this recipe, it’s easy and delicious. Chop up an onion, a red pepper (I used an orange pepper,but red is nice for some added colour), garlic and about a half of a small butternut squash.

BlackBeanSqusah 003

Fry it all up.

BlackBeanSqusah 006

Make sure you cook some tasty penne for this dish. I love love love la Molisana pasta. Cheap, delicious, and made with one, count-it, one ingredient. That’s my kind of food.

BlackBeanSqusah 004

Oh yeah, and it has 7gm of fibre (28% of your recommended daily intake) per serving.

BlackBeanSqusah 005

Add your newly cooked fresh little morsels of heaven to the sauce that is simmering away. Mix that all up with the penne and a mini mountain of parmigiano reggiano, and presto chango… dinner!

BlackBeanSqusah 007

I may have forgot the parsley garnish, which, not only would have tasted delicious, but would have spruced up my picture, big time! No worries though, the hubs didn’t seem to miss it!

BlackBeanSqusah 008

2 Replies to “butternut squash + black bean pasta”

  1. I love this recipe but can’t find canned black beans anywhere in this country (actually that’s a lie – there are some organic ones on the internet for $4.50 a can ($4.50 A CAN?!?! – NO WAY)

    This has inspired me to try soaking them! I hear if you use a pressure cooker you can cook beans from dry in half hour or something. Would you consider that?

    Final question – is the consistency OK for them in your awesome corn and black bean salad recipe?

    1. Pressure cooker: I’m not into extra appliances, I’m sort of a minimalist, so I’m not going to get one. If I had one I would totally use it, I’ve heard that they are amazing! On the consistency, yes, it’s awesome. They are morsels of deliciousness!

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