Yay! It’s Friday! It’s April! Good things happen when it’s April, good things like spring (hopefully) and (in my life at least) a couple of weekend breaks!

About a year ago, just before the beginning of spring (which happened to be in February last year, but who’s counting) I really got into iPhoneography. I was taking pictures almost every day, and I even had a tumblr page that was getting relatively popular (I still do, in fact, it’s just pretty inactive).

Sometime around the fall, though, my passion for iPhoneography just petered out and died. It probably had something to do with me not wanting to take my hands out of my gloves to take a picture, but now I’m just feeling uninspired.

On the weekend I was doing headshots for my nephew, when my brother-in-law whipped out his iPhone and started taking pictures. I thought about how long it had been since I had done so, and it made me super sad. I march along on the same walk to work everyday, and I don’t look left and I don’t look right. I’m always in a rush. But this month, with the (marginally) warmer weather, this is going to change. I’m challenging myself to a 30-day iPhoneography challenge.

I haven’t decided how often I’m going to report back, maybe weekly, maybe once on the 15th and maybe just on the 30th, but I will report back. And, hopefully, I’ll report back re-inspired!

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