If I were to do it all again.

You all know just how much I love pinterest, right? I love it a lot. With my heart and my soul. My favourite thing to do on weekend mornings is to grab a piping hot cup of coffee and pin away. The only thing wrong with pinterest is that I’m too inspired. I want to spend all my days doing fun DIY projects (like this or this) and I want to plan my wedding all over again.

I loved my winter wedding. It was classy and elegant and a little bit different; not many people can say they got married on a day that ranged from -25C to -40C (-13F to -40F). But oh, the warm summer light and bright airy colours… they call to me. So, for fun, this morning I decided to make an inspiration board of “what could have been”. If I could do it all again, I would get married at the cabin in the late summer, while the leaves were still green. Right around this time of year, in fact. The colours would be yellow and gray (we had grey at our actual wedding, so I’m just adding my all time favourite colour to the mix!). There would be yellow craspedias in our flowers, for sure. Despite not being Jewish, would get married under a most beautiful diy-ed wooden chuppah. We would dance under the stars.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t wish that we didn’t have our wedding; it was the best day ever. It was totally beautiful and romantic and I loved it. (Wait for the upcoming post about our DIY-ed centerpieces)! I just sort of wish we could have another.

Le sigh.

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