New “Home” On The Web!

I’ve spent a big part of today working on my “home” on the web! As you probably know, I’ve got this personal blog, I’m a wedding photographer and have a blog / site for that, and I have a (for the moment inactive) travel blog (that I have also just updated). I was feeling somewhat disjointed; like there was no “home” for me online. No central place that lists all my different businesses and projects. So, using inspiration from my hubby, from, and from my brain, I came up with the brand spanking new (unfortunately, belongs to Allison Suter, the natural health professional, with the awesome business cards.)

The background is a full height and width image (thanks to Scott Robin for the awesome “Backstretch’ jQuery plugin!) When you arrive at the page it looks like this:

It’s basically a simple image and a couple of divs with my name, and links to my various sites! In the bottom right of the text box there is an “about” link, a “social” link and a “contact” link. These are some of the things I’m most excited about! I adapted a super cool script from Girls Who Geek (who, incidentally, use the same theme for their blog as me)! When you click on “about” it opens (and closes) my “about” box.

When you click on “social” it opens (and closes) my “social” box. Thanks to LeeAnn Donaldson for the super cute social media icons which I adapted to (a) be white, and (b) have a pinterest icon. Because we all know how much I love pinterest!!

Finally, when you click on “contact” it opens up a new window with my new cute wufoo powered contact form! (Try it out and say hi!)

All in all, I’m super excited about this new little website. I’m not sure how much traffic it will get, but it makes me happy to go and look at it!

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