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Remember in March when I told you all about out super cool wedding invites, and then I told you I would talk about all sorts of fun wedding stuff? Well, here you go, more fun wedding stuff! (Because our wedding was the best wedding ever. For reals yo.)

Today I’m going to talk to you about wedding accessories. I love the classic look of pearls, but I also love a little sparkle, and I also love doing things my own way, so I decided to make my own wedding jewelery! I made a three string swarovski crystal pearl necklace, backed with sparkly silver filagree, and two dangly strands (look at the picture, that last confusing sentence is a little more understandable).

I also made myself a three strand swarovski crystal pearl bracelet, and drop earnings. To this day I look at pictures of my earrings (and the earrings themselves) and I swoon.

The making of the jewelry was surprisingly easy. I worked on several small projects before I bought the necessary supplies for the wedding jewelery so I had an idea of what I needed and how to do it. I would highly recommend the tutorials (and the supplies) at artbeads if you are looking to do the same! (Or email me, I’m always happy to answer questions!)

Our wedding was all shades of black, grey, silver and ivory (and was also right at the beginning of the rosette craze) so I got each of myself and my three bridesmaids cute custom clutches in the wedding colours. This one was mine, pretty, right? It came from an etsy seller called “mollusa”, unfortunately it looks like she no longer has a shop!

This picture (from the etsy sale page) is what they all looked like together… sweet right?

Next up, my shoes. These Nine West puppies were (are) pretty much the quintessential wedding shoes from 2009-2011, I know so many brides that had these exactly the same shoes (or sometimes, these shoes but in different colours). But… no matter… they rule. They are super comfortable and super pretty. I brought flip flops to my wedding to change into, but I didn’t need to! At all! And heck, Nine West still even makes them (Jujus), so they must be good!.

I also bought a faux fur bolero (from Spazooie), found a beautiful brooch to pin it together (I found four brooches from ebay, vintage stores and etsy and picked one at the last minute), and a 90″ cathedral length veil from ebay (Veils by Leslie V). It cost $23. Ya’ll know I’m into good deals.

All together it looked something like this.

Close up from the side, I looked like this.

And from the back, I looked something like this. (Oh yeah, for the party I substituted my veil for a rose. The rose wasn’t really planned, but it was there and fun!)

Almost two years ago, and still I love all the decisions on accessories! And considering how much I change my mind about most “decor” type items, that’s amazing!

Are you married? Are you still happy with your wedding choices?

(All photos by Andrea Hanki of Pink Sugar Photography).

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