veggie barley soup

It’s cold outside. When it is cold outside I like soup. I also love barley. A lot. I have the better part of a two pound bag of barley that I’m trying to use up before the big move sitting in my pantry. I’ve got a handful of barley soups in my repertoire, a barley mushroom soup, which is just ok, and a chicken soup with barley (from my grandma) that is delicious but requires a carcass, which I did not have.   Enter Google and Beaker’s Vegetable Barley Soup from All Recipes. Beaker did something crazy with this soup… not only did she add barley, but also chickpeas. And I had a frozen bag of chickpeas in my freezer just waiting to be used up.

It’s almost like it was meant to be.

I know what you are thinking. “Chickpeas AND barley in soup … you’re crazy!” And I know.  But that’s just how I (and the 13 thousand people on all recipes that have saved this recipe) roll.

And just look at it!


I was a little worried this soup might be wussy if I used the recommended vegetable stock, so I didn’t. I used beef stock and it was delicious. If you wanted to make this a vegetarian meal, by all means, use vegetable stock. If you want to make this a bit lighter, use chicken stock. That’s the thing about soup. If you want to use Beaker’s recipe, head on over to Below I give you my Beaker-inspired oh-so-delicious soup!


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