fennel napa cabbage slaw

On Friday I told you a bit about the weekly farm box that comes to our home full of healthy, farm fresh veggies. I also told you that this vegetable delivery sometimes makes me have to think a bit outside of the box.

For instance: Vancouver crept into summer this year and the first week of the program we received a box full of mystery greens. Dandelion greens, mustard greens, horseradish greens, some edible flowers, other various mystery greens and a gigantic lettuce. After having a little #firstworldproblems style meltdown wondering what on earth I got myself into, we made interesting flavourful salads and stirfrys and topped off the week with a delicious dandelion green soup. Three years ago, I never would have imagined those worlds coming out of my fingertips.

And more recently week after week after week of fennel bulbs. And I don’t really like fennel. But every week, without fail, a fennel bulb (complete with stalks and leafs) arrives at our home, ready to be eaten. We’ve had mini pies with fennel, pizza with fennel, roasted potatoes with fennel, and most recently a delicious (and super quick to prepare) fennel-napa cabbage-apple slaw.

The other flavours—especially the sesame oil—toned down the fennel flavour so much in this slaw so that I really enjoyed it. The inspiration recipe also included cashews (which I simply forgot to add, but would have been the perfect “finishing” feature for this delicious slaw, making it one-dish-lunch-worthy).

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