j’ai cuit une galette de pêche

That’s french for “I baked a peach galette.” I’m sort of fancy.

I’ve made Martha’s delicious stonefruit galette twice this summer. The first time I made it with fresh Okanagan peaches, and the second time with fresh Okanagan plums. Both galettes were equally delicious when served warm (not hot) with ice cream. As peach and plum season is coming to a close you could also make this galette with apples and cinnamon. It would be delicious too.

Both galettes were also amazing cold from the fridge for breakfast the next day.

Not only is this galette delicious, but through it I found Martha’s recipe for Pâte Brisée. The most perfect pie crust I’ve ever tasted. Since this crust has no sugar in it, I threw my leftover dough in the freezer and used it about a week later to top a bottomless chicken pot pie. It’s seriously good stuff.

But to the pie recipe!

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  1. mmmm…that looks amazing! I made a peach-plum crisp on the weekend and it was hands down the BEST crisp I have ever made. Why I’ve never thought to bake peaches + plums together before is beyond me! So Good!

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