hello! & pumpkin seeds

Hello friends! I’m sorry I’ve been remiss in posting lately. Lots of you have checked in to see if I’m ok, and I am! I’m awesome! I’m just more busy than I’ve ever been.

Maybe that’s not exactly true, but I’ve certainly had a bit of an attitude change.

I’ve been this busy before, but somehow working for myself changes things. Where I used to find solace in taking some time for myself to write a blog post, I now find stress. Since all of my time is now spent for myself, minutes that aren’t spent on my businesses (three at last count) cause me a bit of panic. The minutes where I need to stop, because I no longer have the brain power to do it, I can only sit on my ass and watch mind-numbing TV.

That being said, I need balance. I can’t only work. I’m learning that. So today I’m back with a short and sweet blog post about the first of two delicious things I did with this pie pumpkin. You might be able to guess about what the second will be.

These pumpkin seeds were the world’s most delicious. (Or at least the most delicious I’ve ever had). The secret? Frying them in butter before roasting them.

Healthy? Not so much. Insanely tasty? You bet.

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