i made a tart!

While making my weekly shopping, I noticed I had half of a large butternut squash left over from last week’s Penne with Squash and Black Beans. Not wanting it to go to waste, and not feeling like any of my go-to butternut squash recipes led over to Epicurious.  A search for “butternut squash” as the main ingredient in a main dish, and sorted by top rated, yielded Roasted Butternut Squash and Caramelized Onion Tart right near the top.  It spoke to me.  93 reviews, four forks, and 99% would make it again? Even better!

This meal is delicious, no doubt about it.  But, this meal is not one for the weak at heart. I cooked and I cooked and I cooked. Interspersed with the cooking was dishes. I did three sink-fulls of dishes in the process of making this meal.

But it was fun!  And the result was to.die.for.

It started with the making of the pastry dough.

RoastedButternutTart 001-2

Since I don’t have a food processor I use my blender.

RoastedButternutTart 003-2

Then, it gets chilled for 1/2 hour.

RoastedButternutTart 004-2

Meanwhile the butternut squash gets roasted (I was worried I didn’t have enough, so I added a half of an orange pepper too).

[I seem to have not photographed this step. Just imagine some butternut squash, roasting away!]

The fun part? The cheese. Delicious (and expensive) fontina, parmesan and goat-cheese. Amazing.

RoastedButternutTart 005-2

Then its time to make your pie-crusts. This is hard if your pastry is sticky. My rolling pin and I were having mini war with the whole-wheat pastry crust, so I ended up just smooshing it in the pie tin. The recipe calls for a tart pan with a removable fluted rim. I don’t have that, so I used two aluminium pie pans. It made for super easy lining with tin foil another pie tin and filling with pie weights barley.

RoastedButternutTart 006-2 copy

In all this excitement, I *almost* forgot the caramelize my onions.

RoastedButternutTart 008-2

Meanwhile, remember your roast butternut squash (and, in my case, orange pepper). Undertake some pureeing action, add some other things, like heavy cream, and blend.

RoastedButternutTart 009

Then you mix in your onions, and delicious cheeses.

RoastedButternutTart 010

Then, hopefully your timing works out and you have pie-crusts that are ready for some savoury filling. Pop them in the oven.

RoastedButternutTart 011

And forty minutes later…

RoastedButternutTart 013

RoastedButternutTart 014

Roasted Butternut Squash and Caramelized Onion Tart! After a total of approximately 2 hours of cooking and cleaning and waiting.

I decided to serve it with a spinach salad with blue cheese, cranberries and walnuts with a simple EVOO and white wine vinegar salad dressing.

RoastedButternutTart 012

Oh. My. God.  Was this ever good.  The hubs said it tastes like “butternut squash, in pie form”.  No quite what I was going for, but you take what you can get right.  Truly, it was good.  The pie crust was perfectly flaky.

And, it’s Saturday, so to finish off… macarons! Coconut, Hazelnut Milk Chocolate, and Lemon.  Coconut seriously rocked my world.

RoastedButternutTart 002-2

If you are wondering, we pick these delicious macarons up at Lemontree outside of outside Lively Life at the St. Lawrence Market.

I love macarons. We are so going to Ladurée when we go to Paris. Maybe every day.

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