La Fabrica del Taco :: Tacos

One of the things that we miss in Buenos Aires is good Mexican food. This little factoid usually surprises most of our friends. Maybe it’s the general Argentine aversion to spicy food, maybe its the distance from Mexico, or maybe its something entirely different, but there just isn’t a lot of Mexican food around. There

Salgado Alimentos :: Pasta

Last week, I learned from some photography clients that Ballet Folklorico of Argentina was putting on a free show at the Tetatro Nacional Cervantes, a beautiful old theatre in Tribunales. That’s the thing I love about Buenos Aires – there is always something amazing (and usually free or really cheap) to do. The show was

Marfa Delivery :: Veggie Burgers

Something unique to Buenos Aires is the sheer number of restaurants that offer delivery. From cafes, to local hangouts, to dining establishments – thousands of restaurants in the city will deliver. Before arriving in BA, I heard about a service called Buenos Aires Delivery, basically an online aggregator of over 300 restaurants. Sound awesome? It

Calden del Soho :: Parilla

The food blogger community is abuzz with Tourism Richmond’s recent announcement of the 365 Days of Dining Competition. And for good reason, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime for someone who loves food, loves to blog, and loves to explore. Hmm… sound like anyone you guys know? Possibly moi? Several people have encouraged me to