new hair!

Late last month I got a new haircut.  And I have to say, it’s probably the best haircut I’ve ever had!  I lucked into the senior stylist while using a Groupon because the junior stylist called in sick.  Sad for him, score for me! The following pictures were taken the day of my haircut. Cute,

best of {take 10}

As I’ve mentioned a few times, work’s been crazy and we just got back from a whirlwind weekend to New York [post coming soon(ish)]!  I was quite impressed with myself for only being a day late with my ‘best of’ post this week.  Quite impressed, that is, until I went looking for last week’s post

best of {take 4}

I’m quite excited about this “best of” post for two reasons.  Well, more reasons than that, but I’m only going to post two of them. First: It’s “take 4” — i.e., this blog has been going for a month — and I’m really excited about how things are shaping up!   I spent several hours

best of {take 2}

This week’s “best of the interwebs” post features some awesome blogs and a bonus category, “inspire”! I kind of like it… that one might stick around. I (and thousands of others) love Angela’s blog, “Oh She Glows”.  It documents her transformation to a healthy lifestyle.  Last year when I was training for my first half

so lawyerly

As you may know, when I’m not blogging, photographing or cooking, I’m lawyering — actually, given the time commitments involved, it is probably more appropriate to say when I’m not lawyering, I’m blogging, photographing or cooking. I graduated from the UBC Faculty of Law in 2008 amongst 200 bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ready-to-take-over-the-world-almost-lawyers. While my peers